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Library.  This site, rushforthfirm.info, is the Trust-And-Estate Library of Rushforth Firm Ltd.  It contains general, educational information related to estate planning, estate and trust administration, and business planning, with a focus on Nevada law.  It is intended to be educational and informative, as well as to encourage you to seek competent legal advice as to your own planning.

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The topics correspond to those found in the top navigation bar.
Topic Description
Estate-Planning Overview Overview of estate planning, focusing on your goals and objectives.
Core Estate Planning Focusing on People:  Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries.
Transfer Taxes Minimizing federal transfer taxes, including the gift tax, the estate tax, and the generation-skipping transfer tax.
Asset Protection Shielding assets from creditors and claimants.
Business Planning Using business entities — such as limited-liability companies (LLC) and family limited partnerships — for estate planning.
After Death
Probate and Trust Administration
Administering trusts and estates after death.
Memos - Tips and Traps Memos containing tips to optimize planning and warnings about traps and how how to minimize potential problems.
Forms, questionnaires, and checklists. Useful forms that can aid in estate planning and trust administration.

Navigation.  Click on the topics — either in the table above or in the top navigation bar — to explore various memos and forms relating to estate planning and to probate estate and trust administration.  You can also use Google* to search for specific words or phrases within our site.  If you have questions, send them to office@rushforthfirm.com.  Any responses will be general and will not provide legal advice.  Legal advice is given only to clients who have retained our our services.

Author.  Unless another author is attributed, the materials on this site were drafted by Nevada trust-and-estate attorney Layne T. Rushforth, who has been practicing law for over 40 years. Mr. Rushforth has been an attorney since 1978 and an ACTEC Fellow since 1990.

Note.  This site is a work in progress, and updates are made regularly.  Unfortunately, some elements are out-of-date, and there are remnants of old versions of some information.  We are striving to keep as up-to-date as possible, and we encourage readers to report errors.

Disclaimer. You must not rely on the information provided on our web sites in making your own planning decisions.  Please review the general disclaimer at https://rushforthfirm.info/caveat.html.

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