Probate Estate and Trust Administration

Carrying Out the Estate Plan After Death

by Layne T. Rushforth

Estate and Trust Administration Memos

These memos relate to the administration of a probate estate
or the administration of a trust.
Short Title Description
Your Duties as a Trustee for an Incapacitated Settlor This memo outlines the duties and responsibilities of the trustee of a living trust after the settlor (creator) of the trust has become incapacitated.  [PDF]
Probate in Nevada: What, Why, and How A discussion of the legal procedures required to transfer a decedent’s assets when the assets are not transferred by operation of law (e.g., right of survivorship) or under a contract (e.g., beneficiary designation).  [PDF]
Your Duties as Personal Representative (in Nevada) A memo outlining what a court-appointed personal representative (executor or administrator) should and should not do during the administration of a deceased person's estate that is subject to probate in Nevada.  [PDF]
Post-Mortem Estate Planning Legal options that can be done to “adjust” a person’s estate plan after death.  [PDF]
Dividing a Trust into Subtrusts After a Settlor's Death A summary of how certain two-settlor trusts must be divided into multiple trusts after the death of the first settlor to die.  [PDF]
Your Duties as a Trustee: Guidelines for Trust Administration This memo outlines the duties and responsibilities of the trustee of a living trust after the settlor (creator) of the trust has died.  [PDF]
Advancements This memo explains how beneficiaries' shares are calculated when one or more of the beneficiaries have received an advance distribution of their shares.  [PDF]
Starting a Nevada Trust Company This memo provides an overview of setting up a Nevada Trust Company, including a retail or a family trust company.  The family trust company can be unlicensed or can be licensed by the Nevada Division of Financial Institutions.  [PDF]
Irrevocable Trusts This is a memo directed to the Settlor and the Trustee regarding the management of an irrevocable trust, including an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT).  [PDF]
Affidavit of Entitlement NEVADA ONLY:  Affidavit used to collect the personal property (and not real property) of a deceased person if the decedent's estate is not more than the "applicable amount", which is $100,000 if the claimant is the decedent's spouse or domestic partner or $25,000 for other claimants.  [PDF]

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