Tax-Related Estate Planning

by Layne T. Rushforth

Tax-Related Planning Memos

These memos cover a number of topics related to saving federal transfer taxes.
Download PDF = Memo is in Adobe Acrobat's portable document format (PDF).
Short Title Description
Introduction to Transfer-Tax Planning Overview of federal transfer taxes including the gift tax, the generation-skipping transfer tax, and the estate tax, as well as applicable exclusions and deductions.
Estate-Reduction Techniques Estate-reducing gifts and strategies.
Dividing an A/B Trust or an A/B/C Trust into Subtrusts upon the First Death Download PDF When a trust for a married couple divides into subtrusts upon the first death, the trustee must allocate assets to those subtrusts, which may include a “Survivor's Trust”, a “Decedent's Trust” (or “Credit-Shelter Trust”), and possibly a “Marital Trust” (or “QTIP Trust”).
Estate Planning Using Business Entities Download PDF Utilitizing business entities to facilitate estate-planning objectives.
Irrevocable Trusts Download PDF Using irrevocable trusts to reduce transfer taxes.
Grantor-Retained Annuity Trust
GRAT Overview
Download PDF Making a deferred “discounted” gift by retaining the right to annuity payments for a term of years.
Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts
Trust Administration Tips
Download PDF Instructions for the Settlor and the Trustee of a GRAT as to the proper administration of a GRAT.
Charitable Giving Download PDF Gifts and bequests to qualified charities and trusts for charities.
Charitable Lead Trusts Download PDF A trust that provides for distributions to one or more charities for a specified term, with the balance passing to your desired individual beneficiaries.  The gift or estate tax is applied on the actuarily calculated present value of the remainder interest rather than on the full value of the property.  The taxable value can be near zero.
The NING Download PDF The Nevada Non-Grantor, Incomplete Gift Trust.  This trust is not designed to save federal transfer taxes, but is used by persons living in a state with high personal income tax rates to eliminate or reduce the that tax.  A NING is also a self-settled spendthrift trust (asset-protection trust).
Estate-Freezing Techniques Techniques to “freeze” the value of one’s estate by shifting growth and appreciation.

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