Probate Estate and Trust Administration

Carrying Out the Estate Plan After Death

by Layne T. Rushforth

Estate and Trust Administration Memos

These memos relate to the administration of a probate estate
or the administration of a trust.
Short Title Description
Your Duties as a Trustee for a Living Settlor This memo outlines the duties and responsibilities of the trustee of a living trust after the settlor (creator) of the trust has become incapacitated.
Probate in Nevada: What, Why, and How A discussion of the legal procedures required to transfer a decedent’s assets when the assets are not transferred by operation of law (e.g., right of survivorship) or under a contract (e.g., beneficiary designation).
Your Duties as Personal Representative (in Nevada) A memo outlining what a court-appointed personal representative (executor or administrator) should and should not do during the administration of a deceased person's estate that is subject to probate in Nevada. (.pdf version only)
Post-Mortem Estate Planning Legal options that can be done to “adjust” a person’s estate plan after death.
Dividing a Trust into Subtrusts After a Settlor's Death A summary of how certain two-settlor trusts must be divided into multiple trusts after the death of the first settlor to die.
Your Duties as a Trustee: Guidelines for Trust Administration This memo outlines the duties and responsibilities of the trustee of a living trust after the settlor (creator) of the trust has died.
Advancements This memo explains how beneficiaries' shares are calculated when one or more of the beneficiaries have received an advance distribution of their shares.
Starting a Nevada Family Trust Company This memo explains the Nevada Family Trust Company, which can be unlicensed or can be licensed by the Nevada Division of Financial Institutions.
Irrevocable Trusts This is a memo directed to the Settlor and the Trustee regarding the management of an irrevocable trust, including an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT).


Probate-Related Forms
Affidavit of Entitlement NEVADA ONLY:  Affidavit used to collect the personal property (and not real property) of a deceased person if the decedent's estate is not more than the "applicable amount", which is $100,000 if the claimant is the decedent's spouse or domestic partner or $25,000 for other claimants.
Nevada Probate Inventory Checklist List of asset types to assist in preparing an inventory to be filed in a probate proceeding.
Probate Questionnaire Questionnaire for starting a probate proceeding in Nevada.

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