Memos - Tips and Traps

Optimizing Planning and Minimizing Problems

by Layne T. Rushforth

Practical Advice for Estate Planning

These memos cover a number of topics with helpful ideas and suggestions that can be useful in making a complete and truly personal estate plan.
NOTE:  Many of the documents and forms contain the name and logo of Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP, but that firm has transitioned to two firms.  See for more information.  Eventually, the old firm name will be replaced with Rushforth Firm Ltd.
Short Title Description
Asset Ownership Effects of various forms of asset ownership.
Asset Protection Trusts and Public Records Choosing between privacy and protection when owning assets under a Nevada asset-protection trust (a.k.a., Nevada self-settled spendthrift trust).
Avoiding Estate Planning Litigation What can be done to reduce the chances that the estate plan will be challenged in litigation, especially when the documents are being signed by someone who is elderly, infirm, or ill or when the documents contain provisions that are may appear to be out of the ordinary?
Decanting a Trust in Nevada Memo explaining how the assets of an irrevocable trust can be transferred to a second trust with modified provisions. (PDF only)
Expert Witness Services Memo explaining procedure when attorney Layne T. Rushforth is engaged as an expert trust-and-estate attorney.
IRA and Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations Who should be the beneficiaries of your IRA or retirement plan?
Nevada Declaration of Domicile Memo outlining the steps to take to establish legal residency in Nevada.
Managing an SSST A memo explaining the management of a Nevada Self-Settled Spendthrift Trust (SSST), which is a domestic asset-protection trust (DAPT).
Mediation A memo explaining the procedures involved in mediating a case informally with an attorney from Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP .
Nevada Trust Company A memo explaining the laws regarding the formation of a licensed or unlicensed Nevada trust company, including a family trust company. (PDF only)
The NING The Nevada Nongrantor Incomplete Gift Trust. This trust is not designed to save federal transfer taxes, but is used by persons living in a state with high personal income tax rates to eliminate or reduce the that tax.
Property Agreements for Couples Benefits of having a domestic property agreement, such as a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, marital agreement, or domestic partners agreement.
Stealth Wealth - Hiding Assets from the Public Pros and Cons of trying to hide asset ownership from public records.
Tax Identification Numbers What tax identification number – social security number or employer identification number – is needed by financial institutions holding funds owned by individuals, trusts, and business entities?
Trust Distribution Options A memo to give you ideas to help you decide how your trust assets will ultimately be divided up and distributed. (PDF Only)
Trust Modifications Memo explaining how revocable and irrevocable trusts can be modified. (PDF only)

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